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PCD In Simple Terms: Method of Calculating

To find out what rims are fitted to your trailer first you need to find the PCD or “Pitch Circle Diameter”. PCD is an engineering term used to describe the diameter of the circle your wheel studs are drilled into the hub… it sounds complicated but it’s very easy to find.

4 Stud PCD

How to measure PCD on a 4-stud wheel: First Measure X  (from the center of one stud to the center of the opposite stud across the circle.) Then use the chart below to find your PCD and wheel type.

X in Inches X in MM PCD Common Wheels
3.930″ 100.00mm 100mm BMW / Honda / Holden / Gemini
4.000″ 101.60mm 4″ Mini
4.250″ 108.00mm 4  1/4″ Escort / Cortina
4.330″ 110.00mm 110mm Daihatsu Charade / RX Series Mazda
4.500″ 114.30mm 4  1/2″ Most Japanese / Triumph 2000 / Morris 1100 – 1300

5 Stud PCD

How to measure PCD on a 5-stud wheel: Measure from the centre of one stud, to the centre of the next stud. Then calculate PCD based on the table below:

X in Inches X in MM PCD Common Wheels
2.351″ 59.715mm 4″ AP5, AP6 Valiant
2.498″ 63.449mm 4  1/4″ Pre-HQ Holden & Torana
2.645″ 67.183mm 4  1/2″ Zephyr / VJ Valiant / Falcon
2.792″ 70.916mm 4  3/4 HQ Holden / XJ6 Jaguar
2.939″ 74.650mm 5″ 58PA Vauxhall / Delta
3.233″ 82.118mm 5  1/2″ Bronco
3.527″ 89.586mm 6″
3.820″ 94.028mm 6  1/2″ Landrover
2.314″ 58.779mm 100mm Camry
2.499″ 63.481mm 108mm
2.591″ 65.832mm 112mm Mercedes
2.777″ 70.535mm 120mm BMW / 6 & 8 Cyl Commodore
3.008″ 76.413mm 130mm
3.240″ 82.290mm 140mm
3.703″ 94.046mm 160mm Ford Transit

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