NEW Loader Pro Series!

NEW Trailer Series for 2019, the Loader Pro..  The Ultimate Workhorse…

For 50 years we have been on the cutting edge of trailer design and the new Loader Pro Series is the next step
in the evolution of Dunbier, Australia’s Leading Trailer Manufacturer.

Tough, uncomplicated and reliable the new Loader Pro series is the ultimate workhorse.
Unprecedented approach angles, ultra-glide roller rack and our all new “Backbone” alignment system make the
Loader Pro the ultimate drive on trailer.

Why: The Loader Pro has evolved to meet the changing needs of Australian Boat owners and delivers performance
like no other. As boat and hull designs have changed so has the requirement for effective Launch and Retrieval features
that suit all hull shapes whilst providing support in all the right places. Feature packed and Built to last.

How: Loader pro features our “Backbone” technology that guarantees you will always hit the trailer straight.
With more than double the alignment skids and our new tapered feature retrieving your boat is effortless.
The new Wide-Approach entry is the key for both novice and experienced boaters alike when retrieving in Challenging conditions.

Find out more, CLICK the image below:

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